We construct all types of fencing tailored to suit your particular requirements. Whether made by us from scratch using loose timber, or by using panels purchased as complete units, when it comes to good quality sturdy fencing - we've got it covered.


Although fencing serves a very practical purpose, it can also play an important part in the overall look of your garden. There are many different styles to chose from - such as close boarded, space boarded, feather boarded, trellis, picket or lap/woven panel. We can use concrete or wooden fence posts with timber or concrete gravel boards. Fences can also be single faced or double faced as required.


Decking can be an attractive addition to your garden providing more usable space by accommodating differences in ground level. Decking can be constructed using various types and sizes of treated timber or natural timbers such as cedar.

Pergolas & Garden Structures

These types of structure can add height and architectural interest to your garden. They can range from very simple functional support for climbing plants to very elaborate constructions providing sheltered seating areas.


We can custom build to your specifications or if you prefer we can erect purchased 'off the shelf' kits.